Q.   I want more than one bottle.

A.   It is possible to send more than one bottle in some countries. Please contact us. 


Q.  There is a liquor that I want. 

A.  If it is possible to order it, we will send it to you as much as possible. However, this is only for our subscriptions customers.


Q.  Can I take a break?

A.   Yes, you can. Just let us know by the last day of the month before the month you want to take a break.


Q.  Can I send it as a gift?

A.  For home use. Because some countries have tariffs.


Q.  Can you gift wrap?

A.  Gift wrapping is not available.

      This is due to the possibility of the contents being inspected by customs.


Q. How long does the sake take to arrive after I make an order?

A. If you live in Asia, you will receive your order in 1 week to 10 days.
For residents in Europe and Oceania, the delivery time is 10 days to 2 weeks.
 We will email you the shipping date. Please set up to receive the following email.



Q. Is the sake you are sending refrigerated?

A. Sake will be sent at room temperature. Please store in a refrigerator (4°C) immediately upon arrival.


Q. What is the best before date?

A. Up to 3 months refrigerated after arrival.We recommend consuming as soon as possible.