About Us

Japanese sake is the pride of Japanese people.

Wealthy water produced by Japan’s humid climate and rice nurtured in fertile soil.
Yeast born from Japanese unique natural features. Japanese sake was created from that yeast by continuous Inquiring mind and intelligence of Japanese people. Sake brewers are still researching how to make delicious sake every day without being satisfied with tradition. They are also seeking the favorite tastes for the people which are suit for the taste of the times like the type of rice, polishing ratio, water quality, type of yeast etc.

We will deliver the fresh Japanse sake from the breweries directly

There is no Japanese sake that tastes the same as the one you are drinking now. The taste of Japanese sake will be changed by the year of brewing, brewing tanks, storage conditions, the drinking temperature etc. even if it was brewed on the same conditions. This is the factor we are captivated by Japanese sake. We hope you to have fun such various fascinating Japanese sake tastes. Japanese sake is very sensitive. Because it is very weak to the vibration and temperature changes, it cannot be tasted truly if it was stored in bad conditions. We promise you to feel delicious tastes from our items.

Company Information

Company Name  CORTESE Co.,Ltd.
Established 2022
Representative Takahiro Chiba
Company address 5,Kinuta, Setagaya-ku
Tokyo 157-0073