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Kanzake set 2

Kanzake set 2

Yamahai Junmai TABITO 720ml

+ Mini Kansuke TAKUMI(2cups)

+"Sake thermometer"

to measure the temperature of sake

Kanzake is a term for warmed sake.

This can warm up 2cups ( 360ml ) of sake.

☆2cup Mini Kansuke TAKUMI 匠 


Chirori ((metal sake jug) made of tin) + Pottery +Wood frame

It has long been said that sake tastes better when heated in a tin container.
Tin dissolves impurities in the water and the oil that forms when alcohol is brewed. This process gives sake a mellow, mellow flavor.

First, pour hot water into the pot.
Then pour the sake into the chirori.
Let's set it.

Sake  thermometer can measure from 0 degrees to 70 degrees. φ45×140mm

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