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Apple × Sake 720ml

Apple × Sake 720ml

It is a cocktail of "Bandaisan" sake, which is carefully brewed with mother water from the great Mt. Bandai, and 100% apple juice. It has a good balance of sweetness and tartness grown in Bandai-cho, Fukushima Prefecture, where the temperature varies greatly over seasons.

Supervised by Koji Kaneda, Director of the Japan Bartenders Association.
The apples used as ingredients are produced under F-GAP.
First place winner of the sake category of the ESSE Furusato (Hometown) Grand Prix 2021.
Recommended to be chilled and served straight, on the rocks, or with carbonated water.

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Sake brewery

Bandai sake brewery
Bandai Bandai-machi,
Yama-gun, Fukushima-ken 969-3301
Established:  1890

 Sake brewery embraced by the nature of Mt. Bandai.

For more than 130 years since its establishment in 1893, the company has been producing sake, brewed with limpid subterranean water from the "Bandai Nishiyamaroku Spring Group," selected as one of the 100 best waters in Japan. They also use the rice suitable for sake brewing produced by local farmers under contract, using the techniques of the stubborn Aizu chief brewers.

Product Detail

Grade liqueurs
Volume 720ml
Raw Material Sake, Apple Juice
Alcohol Percentage 8