Shrine that enshrines a god of sake - 1

Matsunoo Taisha Shrine

It is said this shrine is called No.1 god brewing sake in Japan

Since the Hata family, who is related with this shrine, was a master of sake brewing, it has been worshiped as a shrine dedicated to the god of sake.

The head shrine of Matsunoo Taisha is located at Arashiyama, Kyoto, and there are more than 1,280 branch shrines in Japan.

Many Japanese brewers enshrine this shrine’s amulet at their storehouses.

There is a legend that sake will not spoil if mix the spring water from Mt. Matunoo called “Kamenoi(Turtle’s well)” which is located at the behind of the shrine.

In Japan, at the same time as worshipping god, animals related to god as the messenger of god are also worshipped.

It is still remained the tradition that the brewers bring the Kamenoi spring water back to their storehouse.

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