Other names of Sake

It is no exaggeration to say that there are as many another names for sake as there are stars.

“CHIKUYOU(Bamboo leaf)”--- It comes from Chinese historical fact. The dew on the bamboo leaves accumulated and became sake, hence it became to call 'CHIKUYOU'.

SASA” --- A word of court ladies. It is a kind of jargon that began to be used by the court ladies who served the Imperial Palace and Sento Imperial Palace in the early Muromachi period. It changed “CHIKUYOU(Bamboo leaf)””Bamboo leaf””SASA(Bamboo grass pronounced in Japanese)” and spread as a narrative word.

“HANNYATOU” --- It means the hot water of welling wisdom up. It is a jargon used by monks.

“FUGI(Ants floating)” --- It was so named because the dots of sake lees looked like ants floating in the sake cup.

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