Origin of Sake - 1

The Fudoki of Osumi Province has a description of “Kuchi-kami sake”(Mouth-biting sake).

Osumi Province corresponds to the current location of Kagoshima Prefecture.

Fudoki can be described as a king of “geography and regional commentary” of the Nara period(A.D. 710-794).

It is written about “Kuchi-kami sake” that men and women in the village prepared water and rice, then spit out the chewed raw rice into a container, and let it sit for at least one(1) night to turn it into sake.

It is widely seen the method of making alcohol by chewing raw materials and being saccharified them by enzymes in saliva in East Asia, the South Pacific, Central and South America etc.

It is believed that this technique was brought to Japan from the south.

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