Junmai daiginjo & Junmai ginjo

Junmai daiginjo & Junmai ginjo(純米大吟醸酒・純米吟醸酒)


Junmai daiginjo Junmai ginjo are one of the premium sake, too.

Material – rice, koji rice

Koji rice ratio – 15% or more

Junmai daiginjo polishing ratio – 50% or less

Junmai ginjo polishing ratio – 60% or less

Brewed alcohol: None

Ginjo-zukuri(Method for making Ginjo sake)

The difference is just the rice polishing eatio, but it doesn’t mean Junmai ginjo is inferior to Junmai daiginjo.

Junmai daiginjo often has a more floral ginjo aroma than Junmai ginjo.

Junmai ginjo has a mellow flavor and gorgeous aroma contrast.

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