Exploring Varieties of Rice: From Japanese Sake.

Rice can be classified into two primary lineages: Asian rice and African rice. Within Asian rice, there are three major subtypes: Japonica, Indica, and Javanica.


**Japonica Rice:**


- Predominantly cultivated in Japan, the Korean Peninsula, and northern China.

- Comprises approximately 20% of the world's rice production.

- Recognized for its oval shape and the development of stickiness and luster when cooked.

- The rice used in making Japanese sake belongs to the Japonica variety.


**Indica Rice:**

- Cultivated across various countries such as India, Indonesia, and the Americas, accounting for 80% of global rice production.

- Known for its low stickiness compared to other varieties.

- Many types of rice used in Japanese Okinawan spirits (such as awamori) are predominantly Indica rice, including Thai rice.


**Javanica Rice:**



- Primarily grown in regions like Java, Indonesia, and some parts of Southeast Asia, Italy, and Spain.

- Exhibits intermediate characteristics and shape between Japonica and Indica varieties.

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