Etymology of Sake

Sake was called “KI”, “MIKI”, “MIWA”, KUSHI” etc. in the Japanese ancient books.

“KI” --- Ancient word of “Sake”

“MIKI” --- Divine sake(Sake offered to God)  The word “O-MIKI” is still used at present.

“KUSHI” --- “KUSURI(Medicine)” The theory that alcohol was treated as medicine.

                 --- “KAISHI(Suspicious)” or “KISHI(Strange)” A wonder phenomenon when you drink, you get drunk and steal people’s heart

There is a strong theory that “SA” in Sake is a prefix, and “KE” in Sake is from changing the vowel of “KI” which is the ancient word of Sake.

In other theory, Sake was called “SAKAE-MIZU(Prosperity water)” because when you drink Sake, the feeling becomes so fine. So the word “SAKAE-MIZU” corrupted and became “SAKE”.


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