Definition of Sake.



Sake is defined as follows
Sake must be made from rice and rice malt and filtered.
Sake must have an alcohol content of 22% or less. Most sake is around 17~15%.

Sake is made from rice, koji, and water.
The rice used to make sake is called sake rice (酒造好適米). 

Koji is culture of a special species of mold on rice, barley etc,which is used to make sake, shochu etc.

Sake is classified as a brewage same as beer and wine and alcohol is obtained by fermenting raw materials.

 Sake is always filtered.  The process of filtered the unrefined sake is called "Jousou(上槽). There are many ways to filter sake.

 The most common method of straining is to use a machine called a "Yabuta-style filter press" (commonly known as a "Yabuta").


Another method is to use an old-fashioned press called a "Sase-style press filter press" (commonly known as a " fune=槽 ").

Most sake has an alcohol content of 15-17%, slightly higher than wine.
Recently, however, low-alcohol (13-15%) sake is also available.


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