Daiginjo & Ginjo

Daiginjo & Ginjo(大吟醸酒・吟醸酒)


Daiginjo & Ginjo are one of the premium sake, too.

Material – rice, koji rice, brewed alcohol

Koji rice ratio – 15% or more

Daiginjo polishing ratio – 50% or less

Ginjo polishing ratio – 60% or less

Brewed alcohol: less than 10% of white rice weight

Ginjo-zukuri(Method for making Ginjo sake)

Ginjo-zukuri is the process of slowly fermenting white rice at a low temperature to remove sake lees as much as possible to create sake with a traditional aroma(Ginjo-ka).

Ginjo was made possible through the development and popularization of highly perfected ginjo brewing techniques.

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