Category of sake

There are two sake categories.

  1. Standard sake(普通酒-Futsu-shu)
  2. Premium sake(特定名称酒-Tokuteimeisho-shu)


There are 4 conditions to call itself as premium sake.

  1. Koji rice(white rice for making koji) must be used at least 15% rice volume for sake brewing.
  2. Sake rice should be used grade 3 or higher.(Sake rice is ranked special, extra fine, grade 1, grade 2, grade 3 and/or out of grade according to grain quality, insect infestation and transparency.)
  3. Do not use ingredients other than sake rice and koji rice, such as sweetness, acidulants and amino acids.
  4. The added amount of brewing(distilled) alcohol is limited to 10% or less of the weight of rice.


Premium sake is shared only 30% in the market caused by these reasons, premium sake is precious sake and low distribution volume.

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